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The mission of Dumbtionary.com is to provide a list of common misspellings found on the internet.  We value the privacy of the visitors to Dumbtionary.com and provide the following information to you to better understand the usage of any information collected on Dumbtionary.com and to also explain the disclaimer for the content of the site.  If at any time you have any questions about the following information, please feel free to email us at [email protected].


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Statistics and Logs

We do use a site traffic statistic program to analyze general traffic patterns to the Dumbtionary.com site.  This helps us to better understand the needs of our visitors and enhance the site to better suit our visitors.  We do not collect any information which can be linked directly to any specific user or computer.  We do not share nay of our statistical information with any other party.


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We have a large collection of misspellings found on the internet.  In many cases, the misspelled word is so badly misspelled that we had to guess what word they were actually trying to spell based on the content of the article or sentence.  We are not to be considered a final source of information on how to correct spell a word.  If you are looking for more information about a word that we suggest may be the correctly spelled word, we do provide links on the pages to more information about the words.  Check those references out and see if the suggested word is correct for how you intend to use it.  We are not responsible for the content of the sites that we link to.  We link to highly reputable sites that have a long track record of providing accurate information.  If you notice that the content of a site linked to has changed and should be removed from the Dumbtionary.com site, please contact us at [email protected]

All in all, this site is for fun and is maintained as a fun resource for common misspellings.  We cannot and will not be held responsible for the way that you use the information.  If you don't agree, you may no longer use the Dumbtionary.com site and must leave now.